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Dean started DJ'ing back in 1985, when the House music scene started to take off here in the UK. His love of all things electronic and the classic 4/4 beat has driven his career over the decades. His DJ career really took off after a 2 year spell in Spain between 1990 and 1992, where Dean was lucky enough to spin at some of the hottest clubs and beach parties along the Costa Del Sol. His DJ name spans from when he was a founding member of 'The Party Tribe', an illegal party organisation from West Wales which started doing after hours parties plus club slots during 1994-1995. During one evening with fellow founding members, everyone was discussing using fake stage names such as fellow DJ Eddie Taurus. Dean was wearing a black and white T shirt and a beret, someone said he looked French and the name DJ Marcel was borne. Towards the end of 1995, Dean added his first real name just because too many people where calling him Marcel.

From 1995 onwards, Dean was starting to spin his vinyl all over the UK at clubs like 'The Hacienda', 'Lakota', 'Breath', 'Up For It' and many more. Playing House, Techno and Trance depending on what the dance floor demanded. Dean finally hung his headphones up in 2002 after the birth of his daughter, so he could spend more time with his family.

Dean is currently still making mixes and playing at the occasional gig or party, the want to play and mix new music never leaves your soul.


Many years ago I use to spin what back then was called Progressive and Deep House, today these sub genres have lost their way in my opinion. However, there is a genre of House which is very similar to those twisted beats I used to play a decade ago. Tech House is the basic elements of Techno, deep dark twisted beats with a more commercial mainstream House feel. While this is more pleasing to the average dance floor than the darker Techno music I play, I still enjoy the energy and vibe that Tech House offers.


When I first heard a radical sub genre of House called "Phuture House" back in 1987, I immediately fell in love with it. Simple 4/4 beats with repetitive looping sounds that just get into your mind and twist and turn until they find that spot. This sub-genre later turned into its own primary genre called Techno. Which in turn spawned many of its own sub-genres such as Detroit (the original Phuture House), Acid, German and many more. This is my one true devoted love, purist and minimal Detroit dark and twisted beats and while it is not mainstream, I just get the biggest kick from mixing this type of music.


Another true love of mine is Roots Reggae and Dub, basically I'm a bass addict and with Dub, you get lots of that. Not only do I love the original stylee Dub but the more modern Dub-House 4/4 with offbeat snares. However, I draw the line at Dancehall and Dubstep.... now that ain't me...

While I don't spin a lot of Dub, it's what I listen too the most while chilling at home or driving the car.


I first starting writing and producing music back in 1998 but I will be the first to admit, I ain't no musician. I guess through the love of playing so much quality music over the years, I had to eventually start making it myself. My first set-up was an Atari STE running Sequencer One with a Yamaha CS-1x synth and an SU-10 sampler. A good friend also gave me a classic Roland Juno-106 and together with a 16 channel mixer and a Mini-Disc to master onto, I was away. My first venture was fellow Party Tribe DJ and a very good friend Eddie Taurus. By coincidence, we were both expecting to become fathers at about the same time, so we wrote and produced a track called "Baby Bouncer" which used the Juno-106 to great effect with that classic "I Like To Move It" bassline. While the finishing touches were happening to Baby Bouncer, I also started another project with fellow Techno DJ Kafka. KvsM was a demo project of 4 Techno tracks, one of while featured on a Daily Mirror cover CD back in 1999.

Then followed my first album, "What's Inside Me?" penned under the name "Paranoid Jon" and released on mp3.com. A few of the tracks actually charted quite high on their charts, including a Gabba Techno track which sampled Alien Resurrection which hit No1 on the Techno charts for 4 weeks in a row and i actually managed to sell a few copies of that album. The following year I released "Who Am I?" also on mp3.com but it also got a release on peoplesound.com. This album wasn't as successful as the first but did feature some good tracks including 2 Drum and Bass tracks, one main again with Eddie Taurus.

Then in 2012, through difficult circumstances I was forced to move from West Wales to Scotland. I'm not going into why but it was a lot to do with needing to work. This move did bring a very positive side to my music creative side, that being now I was earning a real wage, I could afford to upgrade my kit and start making music using decent hardware and software. The result of this was my 3rd album (but first under Dean Marcel) "Eventually". Released in 2018, this album features 14 tracks which are mainly Techno or Tech-House in origin but there are some nice electric fillers plus a Dub Reggae track to finish with.